Premium Software Development in the Agile Way.

Practical Software is a premium software development company that specializes in building products with unmatched quality and productivity.

We do this by taking uniquely talented teams, which are using the most advanced engineering practices and Agile software development principles.

The company believes that low quality products are much more expensive than low quality developers, hence we do not compromise – we employ only top notch developers without using any “low cost” offshore development like many other companies do. We make sure that our employees are not only the best, but also remain that way by continuously investing in their skills, knowledge and working environment. 

As product development experts, we know that real customer value is what matters most to our clients. We achieve that by working tightly with our customers and encouraging changes throughout the work. This results in delivering not only high quality products, but also products that exactly fit our customers’ needs, maximizing the business value earned from any given project – even from early stages.

We take our jobs very seriously – each and every one of us learns new skills every day. We talk at conferences. We organize groups of software developers such as Clean-Code-Alliance and Agile-Practioners-Israel. As part of our parent company – Practical Agile, we mentor software development teams in leading tech companies such as Cisco, BMC, RSA, AT&T, SAP, Cadence, and many more.

And most important – we deliver software! And we deliver it with quality and speed that will dazzle you.

Lior Friedman is a full-fledged Agile Coach and co-founder of Practical Agile. With more than 15 years as an IT professional, he promotes agile values helping companies adopt these principles and adapt such practices into their own local context. After leading the development of cutting edge testing tools at Typemock Ltd. and helping numerous companies with their TDD implementation; he currently provides training, mentoring and high end consulting services to clients, (specializing in AUT, TDD and general agile transitions).


Ilan Kirshenbaum is a seasoned software professional with more than 20 years of experience in development, design and architecture and product management. Having discovered SCRUM and agile a few years ago, Ilan has learned why previous Waterfallish implementations failed to deliver. Ever since he is advocating agility through coaching, training, and assisting teams and individuals implement SCRUM and agile in their organization.


Elad Sofer is first and foremost a SW engineer, Several years ago he was infected with the agile virus and has not been able to “shake the disease” ever since. He is now traveling across the IT industry with a mission to infect other people. He is now helping software projects, teams and organizations, varying from small to big, from lightweight startups to government Offices in


Forget about fixed price projects. Here’s why: Making software has a notorious reputation. You’ve seen this before: Buggy software, resulting in late delivery, leading to unhappy customers, creating more pressure on all sides, leading to more buggy software… Sounds familiar?

The usual remedy: Define the scope, budget and time, so everyone knows what the customer expects and by when. Miss this date, and you’re in trouble.

Does that fix the problem? Hell no. Why? Working in a fixed model creates a double-sided risk: If the project extends beyond the planned budget or time, the supplier hits the risk. If the project ends early, the client hits the risk, having paid more than they got for value for. Since the supplier will never take a losing project, a buffer is always added. Big buffer. Big, as in overpriced projects, but with the pressure that leads to bugs and all the vicious cycle mentioned above. In the end the client lost twice: Once for the overpriced project. Secondly, because the project is late, everyone is under pressure, leading to cutting corners and hey presto, there goes quality out of the window.

Say hi to no more bugs. Sorry bugs, we work differently. Here’s how we want to break the habit of late surprises of the kind the client doesn’t like: From early on we show the client real outcomes. How early? Two-four weeks is a typical first review. Thereafter, every 1-2 weeks we’ll show you additional increments of progress. No Power-Point presentations, no documented promises – we mean real working software. Not what you wanted to see? We’ll get it right in the next iteration. Changed your mind? No worries, in the next iteration we’ll change it for you. Want to try another way? Let’s experiment it in the next iteration. The beauty is that the iterations are small and if something isn’t the way you wanted it – it’s easy to fix.

Heck, we believe in this model so much, that we’re sure we can deliver quicker than you expect. How sure? So sure that you can stop the project at any time – you get value early, and we take a small reward from the remaining commitment. Typically 20% of what’s left. We didn’t make this model up. You can read more about it here. (<– add hyperink →)


Do you feel under appreciated?
Does your current place prevent you from becoming a Ninja?
DO you hear statements such as “These unit tests are a waste of time”or “This is not my responsibility?

Do you want to work in an environment where craftsmanship is appreciated?
Do you want to work with people who care about the quality of their work?
Are you able to lead and be lead?
Are you able to learn and teach?

We care a bit less about the languages you know, we care more about the skills you own!

Come work with US!

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  • Shlomi Nemirovski - General Federation of Labour in Israel

    Practical Software was the provider for a custom system for the internal elections for the leading workers union in Israel. The risk was high, and I was skeptical because of my experience with software products. But everything worked like a dream, and the support from Practical Software during elections day

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  • Noam Zweig – CyberArk

    Head of Engineering Division at CyberArk, Head of Architecture

    CyberArk R&D and me works with Lior for already 2 years, and more ahead. For the past 2 years, Lior and his team guided us, and helped us to understand the importance of automation. But beside changing our mindset, Lior also

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